2017 Elizabeth Wessinger Award

Who makes a positive difference for hospice and palliative care in Oregon and beyond?

In honor of Elizabeth Wessinger, each year the Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association chooses an individual who makes a difference for end of life care in our state or across the nation.  The Elizabeth Wessinger Award celebrates the individual whose spirit and actions contribute to the improvement and advancement of hospice care beyond their own community.

As many of you know, Beth Wessinger was a great help to the Oregon Hospice Association.  She was a member of the task force that created the Oregon Hospice Association from two previously existing organizations.  She also served as a founding member of the OHA board of directors.  In 1988, the Oregon Hospice Association was in its infancy.  The work to establish hospices across the state was underway.  The fledgling organization, while rich in dedication and commitment, was poor in financial resources.  Beth Wessinger and her husband, Fred, recognized the value of the Oregon Hospice Association and believed in our mission to ensure all Oregonians have access to high quality end of life care.  They made the decision to help the OHA survive.  The Wessingers established the Hospice Assistance Fund, a dedicated trust for the Oregon Hospice Association at The Oregon Community Foundation.

Here are the past Elizabeth Wessinger Award recipients:

1988 – Beth Wessinger
1989 – Joan Buell
1990 – Karen Bell
1991 – Judith Wesley
1992 – Paul Stull
1993 – Judy List
1994 – Bernie Reed
1995 – Jane Kirschling
1996 – Jerry Griffin
1997 – Robert Gootee
1998 – Linda Downey
1999 – Andrew Franklin & Diane Elizondo
2000 – Ina Holman
2001 – Betty Cooper
2002 – Marianne Durkan
2003 – Dick Lenhardt
2004 – Denis Carnaby
2005 – Arch Lang
2006 – Jay Cushman
2007 – Ann Jackson
2008 – Lori Kent
2009 – Nancy Diane Manelli Brewer & Dora Parys
2010 – Susan Tolle, MD
2011 – Senator Ron Wyden
2012 – Barb Farmer
2013 – Pam Matthews
2014 – Barb Hansen
2015 – Deborah Whiting Jaques
2016 – Elizabeth Peters

The Oregon Hospice and Palliative Care Association invites you to submit a nomination by completing the attached Elizabeth Wessinger Award Nomination Form.  Applications received by noon, August 11, 2017 will receive consideration by the OHPCA Board of Directors.  The Elizabeth Wessinger Award recipient will be announced at the annual Professional Practices Exchange September 24-26, 2017 at the Eagle Crest Resort Conference Center in Redmond.  We look forward to receiving your nomination.

2017 Elizabeth Wessinger Award Nomination Form