2020 Light Up a Life Tributes

Your gift will Light Up a Life! Celebrate life at this special time of the year. A meaningful gift, your contribution will help you celebrate the lives of loved one during the holiday season and help us continue to promote and ensure access to high quality end of life care for all Oregonians. To make an online contribution to the Light Up a Life campaign, click HERE.

Donations have been made to the Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association’s 2020 Light Up a Life campaign in honor and memory of the following people:

William Duncan (from Meg McCauley)
Deboro Svay (from OHPCA)
Mike McCauley (from Meg McCauley)
Bob & Gladys McCauley (from Meg McCauley)
Ethel Lillian Goddard (from Meg McCauley)
Melvin & Sherrill Goddard (from Meg McCauley)
Woody Lovelace (from Meg McCauley)
Robert C. Jackson (from Meg McCauley)
Suzanne Baird (from Meg McCauley)
Lewie Grover (from Meg McCauley)
Jay Fewel (from Meg McCauley)
Calvin L. Downey (from OHPCA)
Gladys Lager (from Meg McCauley)
Stephen James Shovoly (from Meg McCauley)
Norma Paulus (from Meg McCauley)
Bob & Sue Morrison (from Meg McCauley)
Nori Jackson (from Meg McCauley)
Ed Kupillas (from Meg McCauley)
Fred & Sally Holcomb (from Meg McCauley)

Margaret Boe (from B. Robinson)
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Chavez (from B. Robinson)
Barbara J. Robinson (from B. Robinson)
Grandma & Grandpa Rue (from Diane Bennett)
Grandma Bennett  (from Diane Bennett)
Joyce Vashro (from Diane Bennett)
Julie Scharf (from Diane Bennett)
Taylor John, and Norma Jean & Dick (from Diane Bennett)
Dick Panian (from Diane Bennett)
Roy Peters (from Diane Bennett)
Barbara and Gerry Pratt (from Diane Bennett)
Milt Lampros (from Diane Bennett)
Richard & Rosie Bloom (from Diane Bennett)
Jean & Bob Strong (from Diane Bennett)
Will Schrage (from Diane Bennett)
Jennifer Jones (from Diane Bennett)
Barbara Calcagno (from Diane Bennett)
George Rickles (from Diane Bennett)

Floyd and Elaine Bennett (from Diane Bennett)
Ron Bennett (from Diane Bennett)
Ulla Langer (from Diane Bennett)
Randy Hudson (from Diane Bennett)
Kit Morgan (from Diane Bennett)
Mike Kelley (from Diane Bennett)
Edit Gruber (from Diane Bennett)
Beth (from Diane Bennett)
Karen Mainzer (from OHPCA)
Lois Demski (from Catherine Cole)
Joan Millington (from Ann Bennett)
Mary Stephens Pearson (from Ann Bennett)
Viola Pearson (from Carol Rice)
Mary Kay Radich (from Alison Dow)
Herbert Leslie Morehead (from Leslie Morehead)
Mary Frances Morehead (from Leslie Morehead)
Rose Slack (from Diane Elizondo)