• Our Spring 2024 session that was scheduled to begin Thursday evening, April 11 has been canceled. Please reach out to Carrie Kilpatrick-White, MSW, LCSW, Providence Hospice (503.953.5315; or Amanda Parulski, LCSW, Legacy Hospice (503.225.6220; for information about our fall session.
  • A list of helpful resources and activities for grieving families can be found HERE. A special thank you to our friends at Camp Erin and the Eluna Network for sharing these valuable resources with us.

In This Together is a program that supports children, teens and families who have experienced the death of someone close to them. Experiencing the death of someone can be a lonely and confusing time in a child’s life. When children and teens attend an In This Together group, they discover they are not alone in their grief. They are able to look at one another and realize “we are in this together.”

Families come together for one evening each week for eight weeks where children, teens and adults gather in age specific groups. Groups are professionally facilitated and offered in the fall and winter each year. Families may register for groups any time after the death.

In This Together groups provide a safe, fun and supportive environment in which participants are able to express and explore their thoughts and feelings of grief and loss. Through shared experiences, family communication is enhanced, and group members gain a sense of confidence in coping with their grief. There is no charge to attend In This Together groups.

We Believe

  • Healing happens in the family.
  • Every family has their own unique way of coping with death.
  • Some people express grief through words; others express grief through physical and artistic activity.
  • Parents and caregivers/guardians need to care for themselves while caring for the challenging and changing needs of their family.

How We Help

  • Children and teens feel safe and are able to express feelings when grief is validated and normalized.
  • Children and teens feel less isolated and alone in their grief when they meet peers who have similar experiences.
  • Parents and caregivers/guardians benefit from practical information on supporting all members in a family.

Who should come to In This Together groups?

  • Any child or teen coping with a death can benefit from our group. We offer a validating and nurturing experience that honors the uniqueness of each child’s situation.
  • Children and teens often have less ability to talk about their feelings or to ask for the help they need. By offering facilitated discussions, play and art activities children and teens are better able to express their difficult feelings.
  • Adults hoping to open up communication with their children as well as adults seeking an understanding environment to balance their own grief needs with the demands of parenting will find support.

Kids’ Group

Kids are invited to express their thoughts and feelings through play, art and talking activities. For kids ages 5 and up.

Teen Group

In the company of their peers, teens participate in a talking circle and expressive arts activities. For high school aged teens.

Adult Group

Adults receive support for their own grieving pricess and learn how to better understand and support their grieving children. 

Legacy Hospice Services

Amanda Parulski, LCSW
Clinical Coordinator

Providence Portland Hospices

Carrie Kilpatrick-White, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Coordinator

Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association

Meg McCauley
Program Director

In This Together responds to requests from the community.

Clinicians are available to work with local schools to create individualized plans that respond to grief support needs in instances where a student, parent, teacher or other influential community leader has died. In This Together staff can aid in developing onsite grief support groups at school, and provide educational opportunities for school staff. Support resources for the broader community are also available. In This Together is a program of Legacy Hospice Services, the Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association and Providence Portland Hospice Programs. Email