Light Up a Life Tributes – 2017

Donations have been made to the Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association’s 2017 Light Up a Life campaign in honor and memory of the following people:

Roberta Davie (from Ed Davie)

Mike McCauley (from Meg McCauley)

Grandma & Grandpa McCauley (from Meg McCauley)

Ethel Goddard (from Meg McCauley)

Melvin Goddard (from Meg McCauley)

Stephen James Shovoly (from Meg McCauley)

Suzanne Baird (from Meg McCauley)

Fred & Sallie Holcomb (from Meg McCauley)

Ted Cronin (from Meg McCauley)

Bubby Cronin (from Meg McCauley)

Robert H. Peirce (from Kay Bristow)

Dr. J. David Bristow (from Kay Bristow)

Viola Pearson (from Carol Rice)

Jane Carrie Mincher (from Margaret Cook)

Ruth Noordhoff (from David Hagstrom & Karen Noordhoff Hagstrom)

Clarence Hagstrom (from David Hagstrom & Karen Noordhoff Hagstrom)

Frances Hagstrom (from David Hagstrom & Karen Noordhoff Hagstrom)

Virginia Hite (from Marsha Weber)

Billie Marie Wright (from Helen Hanna)

Paul Dean Wagner (from Helen Hanna)

Mabelrose Hanna (from Helen Hanna)

Toini Niemi (from Karen Czopek)

Mac Jones (from Karen Czopek)

Ann & Stan Wydrzynski (from Joyce Wydrzynski)

Irma & Richard Christenson (from Joyce Wydrzynski)

Walter Pennel (from Robert Gootee)

Jessie Stanis (from Robert Gootee)

Roje Gootee (from Robert Gootee)

Shane Spencer Haverland (from Nancy Liggett)

Bob McKenzie (from Karen Zurcher)

Nancy Zurcher (from Karen Zurcher)

Winfield & Agness Currier (from Karen Rae Anderson)

Elwin & Dorothy Currier Anderson (from Karen Rae Anderson)

Thomas M. Anderson (from Karen Rae Anderson)

Eleanor Jeffers (from Louis Osternig)

Thomas Jeffers (from Louis Osternig)

Anita Osternig (from Louis Osternig)

Joyce Osternig (from Louis Osternig)

Joseph Logan (from John Logan)

Faye Delano (from Don Higgins)

Susan Pomerene Kelley (from Don Higgins)

Patricia Louise Ryan (from Sherry Ratcliff)

Gloria Zimmerman (from Sherry Ratcliff)

Donna Wambaugh (from Sherry Ratcliff)

Ingrid Adams (from Dorald Stoltz)

Tom Stoltz (from Dorald Stoltz)

Lis Stalbird (from Dorald Stoltz)

Wallace & Dorothy Garrett (from Barbara Nichols)

Philip Snyder (from Marcia Petrick)

Marilyn Snyder (from Marcia Petrick)

Jim Snow (from Barbara Snow)

Leo McNamara, Jr. (from Bridget McNamara-Fenesy)

Leo McNamara, III (from Bridget McNamara-Fenesy)

Patrick Kennedy (from Bridget McNamara-Fenesy)

Richard Kieburtz (from Nancy Kieburtz)

Reg Justus (from Jill Justus)

Kimo Heen (from Jill Justus)

Christy May (from Jill Justus)

William R. Hilderbrand (from Gaye Hilderbrand)

Delmer Martin (from Grace Busse)

Marion Neff (from Terrie Neff Atkins)

Jean Atkins (from Terrie Neff Atkins)

Margaret Pestana (from Leland Pestana)

Ellen Burton (from Brian Burton)

Diane Burton (from Brian Burton)

Carlton Allen (from Jayne Meister)

Santo LeTrent (from Patricia Winters)

John LeTrent (from Patricia Winters)

Irene Fenari (from Sally Lynch)

Richard “Dick” Rohrer (from Joan Rohrer)

Pat & Frank Smith (from Deborah Dryden)

Marge & Gus (from Deborah Dryden)

Anne Damico (from Deborah Dryden)

Arlo Kilpatrick (from David Elston)

Harriet Hauser (from David Elston)

Bill Muir (from David Elston)

Grandma & Grandpa Rue (from Diane Bennett)

Grandma Bennett (from Diane Bennett)

Julie Scharf (from Diane Bennett)

Dick Panian (from Diane Bennett)

Barbara & Gerry Pratt (from Diane Bennett)

Richard & Rosie Bloom (from Diane Bennett)

Will Schrage (from Diane Bennett)

Barbara Calcagno (from Diane Bennett)

Elaine Bennett (from Diane Bennett)

Ron Bennett (from Diane Bennett)

Jason Malcom – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Pam Matthews – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Laura Mavity – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Sue Mulligan – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Raggs Ragan – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Margaret Thornburg – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Robert Gootee – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Denis Carnaby – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Linda Downey – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Larlyn Fitzpatrick – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Meg McCauley – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Lisa McGowan – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Annette Tolzman (from Diane Tolzman)

Martin Johansson (from Diane Tolzman)

Naomi (from A. N. Panian)

Albert (from A. N. Panian)

John & Laura (from A. N. Panian)

Lady Julie Ann (from Grandma Lucy)

William Vern Gibbens (from Dana Tracy-Gibbens)

Elvis R. Tracy (from Dana Tracy-Gibbens)

Betty L. Tracy (from Dana Tracy-Gibbens)

McKay Meindl (from Lynda W. Decker)

Paul Wonacott (from Lynda W. Decker)

Josh Harris (from Claudia Harris)

Dr. John R. Walsh (from Kass Walsh)

Nellie K. Walsh (from Kass Walsh)

Ron Weeden (from Kass Walsh)

Jerry Berget (from Amy Miller)

Mike West (from Amy Miller)

Richard Taylor (from Amy Miller)

Shirley Miller (from Amy Miller)

Timothy O. Girsch, My Husband (from Lynn Erdman)

Vera L. Hartman (from Richard Hartman)

Doris V. Wiedmer (from Richard Hartman)

Kurt Bauer (from Sherry Willmschen)

Alex Maki (from Sherry Willmschen)

Ernie Jaschinski (from Bill McCracken)

Julie A. Scharf (from Joseph Scharf)

Don Jones (from Jo Rail)

Bob Anderson (from Jo Rail)

Mary Jane Broom (from Mary Frances Duggan)

Mary Lee Rundle (from Mary Frances Duggan)

Bud Gallup (from Mary Frances Duggan)

Bill Barr (from Mary Frances Duggan)

Linda J. Sprouse (from Robert & Frances Sprouse)

Jake R. Sprouse (from Robert & Frances Sprouse)

Joyce Osternig (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

Elenora & Thomas Jeffers (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

Patricia & David Walter (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

Joyce Osternig (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

Herbert Moreheand (from Leslie Morehead)

Dorothy (Dolly) Mundie (from Leslie Morehead)

Dave Thomson (from Nita Thomson)

Marie Witzel (from Arleen Payne)

Dick Brelje (from Judith Blakesley)

Jim Snow (from Kay Parelius)

Donna Liddell (from Fred Liddell)

Leslie Tyo (from Margaret Tyo)

Gayle Tyo (from Margaret Tyo)

Jo Volm (from Linda Callantine)

Ryan Connelly (from Linda Callantine)

Dorinda Daggett Holloway (from Susan Roberts)

Larissa Ienna- CANCER SURVIVOR! (from Susan Roberts)

Diane (from Dick Kaiser & Jinny Shipman)

Larry Tuomi (from Jinny Shipman & Dick Kaiser)

Felix (from Jinny Shipman & Dick Kaiser)

Virginia Taylor (from Kathy Miller)

Virginia Taylor (from Kathy Miller)

Edna Billingsley (from Kathy Miller)

Leona Gill (from Lawrence A. Gill)

Janice Skipper (from Sylvia & Roger Moseley)

Jerry Bieberle (from Judith Marks)

Robert V. Palmer (from Shirley Palmer)

Sylvia Cavanaugh (from C. Cavanaugh)

Bill & Marj Mitchell (from Larry & Linda Nye)

Al & Marian Nye (from Larry & Linda Nye)

James Launer (from Joyanne Felman)

Bob Warren, Sr. (from Nani Warren)

William “Tiger” Warren (from Nani Warren)

Ernest C. Swigert (from Nani Warren)

Nella Berlin (from Frances Dearborn)

Chris Nichols (from Frances Dearborn)

Nick Nichols (from Frances Dearborn)

Nancy Dawson (from Sue Stegmiller)

Art Terry (from Sue Stegmiller)

Glen Wakefield (from Mr. & Mrs. R. V. Packouz)

Chuck Requa (from Janet Hutchins)

Miriam Hutchins (from Janet Hutchins)

Jack Hutchins (from Janet Hutchins)

Kelly Zapp (from K. W. Zapp)

Debra Zapp (from K. W. Zapp)

Marlyn Newman (from R. E. Newman)

Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Newman (from R. E. Newman)

Mr. & Mrs. J. Batchelder (from R. E. Newman)

David King (from Scott Tobias)

Leon Cover & Leon James Cover (from E. Jeanette George)

Sidney Wentworth (from E. Jeanette George)

Gregory Weisz (from E. Jeanette George)

Richard Karlowski (from E. Jeanette George)

Don Scott (from Julie Ann Scott)

Mariel Cheney (from Julie Ann Scott)

Dennis Berggren (from Margaret Doherty)

Arthur Rott (from Nora Tobin)

George Robert Kittilson (from Lynn Kittilson)

Jocelyn Logan (from Jane Lancaster)

Eula Mae Downey (from Linda Downey)

Calvin R. Downey (from Linda Downey)

Earl McAtee (from Linda Downey)

Mavis B. Dunn (from Edward Dunn)

The Parisi Family (from Dolores Parisi)

Allan Stanley Platt (from Brenda Lund)

John Dietrich (from Bud & Kitty Dietrich)

Paul Wehrley (from Bud & Kitty Dietrich)

Tom Nolan (from Bud & Kitty Dietrich)

Tom Watkins (from Marjo Grant)

Estelle Rasmussen (from Marjo Grant)

Jean Wick (from Leslie Morehead)

Mary Frances Morehead (from Leslie Morehead)

Shirley Morrell (from E. June Miller)

Frank Morrell (from E. June Miller)

Jay Painter (from William Bush)

Robert J. Miller (from Marge McCall)

Sabra Bradshaw Wackerle (from Marge McCall)

Laurice Pickering (from Joyce Schwer)

Tom Pickering (from Joyce Schwer)

Tommy Pickering (from Joyce Schwer)

Jean Fallon (from Joan Fallon)

Bob Albright (from Joan Fallon)

Helen Keller (from Marjorie Bontje)

Stanley Keller (from Marjorie Bontje)

Howard Berggren (from Lois Berggren)

Barb Gits (from Alan Gits)

Dean Gits (from Alan Gits)

Jane Goeth (from Joan Hoffman)

Miles Turner (from Robert & Abby C. Vieira)

John Bigbee (from Barbara McClendon)

LaVerne Cameron (from Sharon Felbinger)

Clark Lund (from Ruth Lund)

Helen Nelson (from Ruth Lund)

Mickie Bochsler (from Susan Hay)

Suzy Hay (from Susan Hay)

Marion E. Hay (from Susan Hay)

Ruth M. Salta (from Joseph Salta)

Alan Kershaw (from Gary & Jean Braden)

Bill Widick (from Gary & Jean Braden)

Connie Nelson (from Gary & Jean Braden)

Mary Stephens Pearson (from Ann Bennett)

Joan Millington (from Ann Bennett)

Debra Eisert (from Evona Brim)

Willie Stoffer (from Evona Brim)

Beau Williams (from Evona Brim)

Hugh Ewart (from Evona Brim)

Hugh Sheridan (from Thomas Sheridan)

Mary Sheridan (from Thomas Sheridan)

Jim Sheridan (from Thomas Sheridan)

John Broer (from Jana Broer)

Herb Hlavaty (from Roger Lillis, Jr.)

Kevin Barnett (from Kathleen Barnett)

Taylor John & Norma Jean (from Diane Bennett)

Roy Peters (from Diane Bennett)

Milt Lampros (from Diane Bennett)

Jean & Bob Strong (from Diane Bennett)

Jennifer Jones (from Diane Bennett)

George Rickles (from Diane Bennett)

Marvin “Luke” Lukan (from Debra Lukan)

Pat Berry – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Jane Brandes – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Keri Culhane – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Nicole Elovitz – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Jad Hamdan – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Lisa Hurley – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Carol Kast – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Jeff Lear – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Jesus Diaz – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Enrique Arias – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Tim Bergmann – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Barb Hansen – Thank You! (from OHPCA)

Gary Lake (from Mike Lake)

Herbert Twombly (from David Twombly)

Clark Lund (from Mike Lund)

Philomena K. Birchard (from Shellie Hamill)

Hugo Landecker (from Louise Aschbacher)

JoAnn Gordenier (from Louise Aschbacher)

Lee Rohana (from Louise Aschbacher)

Gerald Lobb (from Catherine Lobb)

Jeff Pierson (from Bob & Gaynell Pierson)

Charlie Sheckler (from Shannon Long)

Jason York (from Diana Kent)

Barbara Gilbert (from Libby Gilbert Horvath)

Glenn Trantham (from Glinda Lathan)

Steve Grantham (from Glinda Lathan)

Robert Palmer (from Wendy Palmer)

Ron Gustafson (from Diana Gustafson)

Lonna Gustavson (from Diana Gustafson)

Ila Johnson (from Diana Gustafson)

Larry Jackson (from Linda Jackson)

Kenny Leroy White (from Sharon Lee)

Robert C. Jackson, MD (from Meg McCauley)

Jann Dryer (from Meg McCauley)

Lynne Dwyer (from Marian Hodges)

Naomi Larsen (from Marian Hodges)

Sr. Mary Burke, SNJM (from Marian Hodges)

Janice Gorman (from Tawnya Stevens)

Dean Payne (from Laura Johnson)

Robert A. Johnson (from Laura Johnson)

Lorraine M. Pace (from Laura Johnson)

Ralph Drewfs (from Richard Harr)

Clarence “Mo” Mohler (from Vicki Quick)

Jeannine Schwerdt (from Vicki Quick)

Lucia Griffith (from Vicki Quick)

Helen D. Hickey (from Michael Hickey)

Joseph Swanson (from Jeanne Swanson)

David C. Brown (from Jeanne Swanson)

Paul O. Swanson (from Jeanne Swanson)

Norma Williams (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

LaVerne Smith (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

Anita & Louis Osternig (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)

The Enger Family (from Susan Soto)

Gary Dowler (from Linda Dowler)

Phil & Mary Chavez (from Barbara Robinson)

Margaret Boe (from Barbara Robinson)

Tristan Kern (from Lori Gibbs)

Josh Harris (from Lori Gibbs)

Marilyn Neavill (from Fred Liddell)

Robert Jago (from Lois & Don Head)

Carl W. Shaw (from Mary Ellen Seger)

Dale Shaw (from Mary Ellen Seger)

R. L. Black (from Judith Myrick)

Helen R. Black (from Judith Myrick)

R. Scott Black (from Judith Myrick)

John Benac (from Susan Roberts)

Marvin D. Johnson (from Ruth I. Johnson)

Norma Ferguson (from Daniel Bush)

Alice Sakelaris (from Tracy & Kevin Minato)

Donna Hermance (from Tracy & Kevin Minato)

Joanne Minato (from Tracy & Kevin Minato)

Michell Molyneux (from Florence Snider)

Gerald Snider (from Florence Snider)

Debbie Lynn Everette (from Marva Petty)

Mary Ann Everette (from Marva Petty)

Mike Powers (from Marva Petty)

John & Sally (from Dave & Karin Grano)

Chris Erion (from Dave & Karin Grano)

Keith Neely (from C. Cavanaugh)

Erin O’Leary (from George O’Leary)

Loretta O’Leary (from George O’Leary)

Reba McCandlish (from George O’Leary)

Eunice McElligott (from Nora Tobin)

Gary Brault (from Bob & Claire Riddle)

Noel Abrahamson (from Bob & Clair Riddle)

George & Viola Roth (from B. J. Kinman)

Mel Mettler (from Greg Mettler)