2019 Light Up a Life Tributes

Your gift will Light Up a Life! Celebrate life at this special time of the year. A meaningful gift, your contribution will help you celebrate the lives of loved one during the holiday season and help us continue to promote and ensure access to high quality end of life care for all Oregonians. To make an online contribution to the Light Up a Life campaign, click HERE.

Donations have been made to the Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association’s 2019 Light Up a Life campaign in honor and memory of the following people:

William Duncan (from Meg McCauley)
Deboro Svay (from OHPCA)
Mike McCauley (from Meg McCauley)
Bob & Gladys McCauley (from Meg McCauley)
Ethel Lillian Goddard (from Meg McCauley)
Melvin & Sherrill Goddard (from Meg McCauley)
Woody Lovelace (from Meg McCauley)
Robert C. Jackson (from Meg McCauley)
Suzanne Baird (from Meg McCauley)
Lewie Grover (from Meg McCauley)
Jay Fewel (from Meg McCauley)
Calvin L. Downey (from OHPCA)
Gladys Lager (from Meg McCauley)
Stephen James Shovoly (from Meg McCauley)
Carmen Dybdahl (from Sheryl Mills)
Bill & Marj Mitchell (from Larry & Linda Nye)
Al & Marion Nye (from Larry & Linda Nye)
Kenny Leroy White (from Sharon Lee)
Kati Allard (from Bill & Joan Evans)
Scott Alan Evans (from Bill & Joan Evans)
Craig Urness (from Donald & Judith Lane)
Phil Painter (from Donald & Judith Lane)
Greg Kanelis (from Donald & Judith Lane)
Don Scott (from Julie Scott)
Muriel Cheney (from Julie Scott)
Judy Williams (from Julie Scott)
Bessie Pennel (from Robert Gootee)
Jessie Stanis (from Robert Gootee)
Roje Gootee (from Robert Gootee)
LaVerne Cameron (from Sharon Felbinger)
Richard Felbinger (from Sharon Felbinger)
Betty Palmer (from Sharon Felbinger)
Michael West (from Sharon West)
Roberta Davie (from Edward Davie)
Ted Flaming (from Edward Davie)
Gregory W. Weisz (from Jeanette George)
Sidney Wentworth (from Jeanette George)
Richard Karlowski (from Jeanette George)
Leon Cover (from Jeanette George)
Leon James Cover (from Jeanette George)
Lillian Glasser (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Gerald Glasser (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Ron Glasser (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Mark Glasser (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Lynnette Kelly (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Sam Egli (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Barbara Egli (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Cookie Sousley (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Gerry Farmer (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Mike Fennell (from Linda & Dale Glasser)
Homecare Homebase (from OHPCA)
OnePoint Patient Care (from OHPCA)
Petya Pohlschneider (from OHPCA)
Carrie Kilpatrick (from OHPCA)
Marilyn Sears (from OHPCA)
Norma Ferguson (from Danny Bush)
Rose Marie Vill (from Joy Donahoe)
Joe Lee (from Joyanne Felman)
James Launer (from Joyanne Felman)
Patrick McDade (from Joyanne Felman)
Captain John R. Schloss (from Cheri Schloss)
Edmund Weisner (from Cheri Schloss)
Sister Beatrice Weisner (from Cheri Schloss)
Ruth Noordhoff (from David Hagstrom)
Lyman Noordhoff (from David Hagstrom)
Clarence Hagstrom (from David Hagstrom)
Frances Hagstrom (from David Hagstrom)
Sylvia Cavanaugh (from Claire Cavanaugh)
Keith Neely (from Claire Cavanaugh)
Leo C. McNamara, Jr. (from McNamara-Fenesy Family)
Leo C. McNamara, III (from McNamara-Fenesy Family)
Patrick Kennedy (from McNamara-Fenesy Family)
Ted Gamble (from Barbara Rice)
Bruce Gamble (from Barbara Rice)
Brian G. Booth (from Barbara Rice)
Gordan Huntington (from Paul & Judy Champoux)
Mother (from Vicki Quick)
Susan Dunham (from Vicki Quick)
Shantha Pai (from Narayana Pai)
Nella S. Berlin (from Frances Dearborn)
Jean Fallon (from Joan Fallon)
Bob Albright (from Joan Fallon)
Kathy Hope (from Ginger Hope)
Arthur R. Wilson (from Judith M. Hector)
Patrick Doyle (from Susan K. Roberts)
Nancy Meade (from Susan K. Roberts)
Gene Ward (from Susan K. Roberts)
Fighting Warrior Larissa Ienna (from Susan K. Roberts)
Judith Simpson (from Susan K. Roberts)
Gerry Ann Tarver Nichol (from Susan K. Roberts)
Linda Miller (from Kathy Miller)
Elene Kandal (from Nancy Byrkit)
Harold Kandal (from Nancy Byrkit)
Thomas Hatfield (from Nancy Byrkit)
Frank G. Stimson (from Margarita Pancake)
Joanne Gillespie (from Marcia Randall)
Irene Ellicott (from Marcia Randall)
Hap Arnold (from Marcia Randall)
Sabra Bradshaw Wackerle (from Sara Linnehan)
Debbie Everette (from Marva Petty)
Mary Ann Everette (from Marva Petty)
Cynthia Epley (from Evona Brim)
Norma & John Epley (from Evona Brim)
Reg Justus (from Jill Justus)

Norma Paulus (from Meg McCauley)
Bob Morrison (from Meg McCauley)
Don Wimer (from Vicki Williams)
Marvin Lukan (from Debra Lukan)
Joan Millingron (from Ann Bennett)
Mary Stephens Pearson (from Ann Bennett)
Grandma & Grandpa Rue & Grandma Bennett (from Diane Bennett)
Joyce Vashro (from Diane Bennett)
Julie Scharf (from Diane Bennett)
Taylor John & Norma & Jean Dick (from Diane Bennett)
Dick Panian (from Diane Bennett)
Roy Peters (from Diane Bennett)
Joy Ghigleri (from Joelle Coffman)
McKay R. Meindl (from Lynda Decker)
Paul N. Wonacott (from Lynda Decker)
Shane Spencer Haverland (from Nancy B. Liggett)
Jeff Pierson (from Bob Pierson)
Nancy Bolton (from Diane Elizondo)
Barb Spielman (from Diane Elizondo)
Mike West (from Amy Miller)
Richard Taylor (from Amy Miller)
Jerry Berget (from Amy Miller)
Alice Sakelaris (from Tracy & Kevin Minato)
Donna Hermance (from Tracy & Kevin Minato)
Joanne Minato (from Tracy & Kevin Minato)
Marlyn Newman (from R.E. Newman)
E.A. & F.M. Newman (from R.E. Newman)
J. & H. Batchelder (from R.E. Newman)
Winfield C. & Agness Currier (from K. Anderson)
Elwin W. & Dorothy C. Anderson (from K. Anderson)
Thomas M. Anderson (from K. Anderson)
George Robert Kittilson (from L. Kittilson)
Jim Snow (from Barbara Snow)
Dave Snow (from Barbara Snow)
Major Paul Dean Wagner (from Helen Hanna)
Mabelrose Hanna (from Helen Hanna)
Rosalie Campbell (from Rachel Eggener)
Erick Eggener (from Rachel Eggener)
OHPCA Board & Staff – Thank you! Katie Adkison, Paula Edwards, Nicole Elovitz,  Jessica Fishman, Larlyn Fitzpatrick, JJ Furuno, Jad Hamdan, Barb Hansen, Robert Macauley, Laura Mavity, Meg McCauley, Gail Mueller, Melinda Papen, Raggs Ragan, Katie Stowers, Margaret Thornburg (from OHPCA)
Delta Care Rx (from OHPCA)
Medcure (from OHPCA)
Optima Healthcare Solutions (from OHPCA)
Enclara Pharmacia (from OHPCA)
Medcurity (from OHPCA)
Optum (from OHPCA)
State Serve Medical (from OHPCA)
Holly Sutton (from OHPCA)
Jennifer Traeger (from OHPCA)
Anne Kister (from OHPCA)
Carlton Allen (from Jayne Meister)
Jennifer Victor (from Jayne Meister)
Richard Martin Jones (from Les Sitton)
S. Marina Schrader (from Elmer Schrader)
Tom Stoltz (from Dorald Stoltz)
Ingrid Adams (from Dorald Stoltz)
Patricia Casey (from Vicki White)
Joyce Osternig (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)
Anita Osternig (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)
Elenora Jeffers (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)
Patti Walter (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)
Margaret Marineau (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)
Wayne Duchow (from Joe & Carolyn Marineau)
Mom (from Jinny Shipman)
John (from Jinny Shipman)
Jack (from Jinny Shipman)
Dick (from Jinny Shipman)
Irving W. Bieler (from David Elston)
Gordon Kay (from David Elston)
Joules Conover (from David Elston)
Betty Foster (from Paul & Judy Champoux)
Leona Gill (from Lawrence Gill)
Manville & Dorothy Pierson (from Lawrence Gill)
Margaret C. Pestana (from Leland Pestana)
Shirleen Bergstrom (from Ford Family)
Pearl Devaney (from Ford Family)
Olga Bergstrom (from Ford Family)
James S. Wilson (from Fran Pease)
Robert Crowe (from Linn Lieuallen)
Dorothy Carnaby (from Denis & Gretchen Carnaby)
Sam Hall (from Denis & Gretchen Carnaby)
Polly Van Camp (from Denis & Gretchen Carnaby)
Jan Skipper (from Sylvia Moseley)
Rosemary Schwer (from Joyce Schwer)
Laurice Kiamie (from Joyce Schwer)
Tommy Pickering (from Joyce Schwer)
Michelle Molyneux (from Florence Snider)
Gerald Snider (from Florence Snider)
William R. Hilderbrand (from Gaye Hilderbrand)
J. David Bristow, MD (from Kay Bristow)
Melvin Mettler (from Greg Mettler)
Jennifer Konopka (from Greg Mettler)
Sandra Tait (from Greg Mettler)
William Duncan Cary, III (from Sara Mead)
Mike Powers (from Marva Petty)
Dick Sugai (from Claire Riddle)
Beau Williams (from Evona Brim)
Rhonda Williams Stephens (from Evona Brim)



Barbara & Gerry Pratt (from Diane Bennett)
Milt Lampros (from Diane Bennett)
Richard & Rosie Bloom (from Diane Bennett)
Jean & Bob Strong (from Diane Bennett)
Will Schrage (from Diane Bennett)
Jennifer Jones (from Diane Bennett)
Barbara Calcagno (from Diane Bennett)
George Rickles (from Diane Bennett)
Floyd & Elaine Bennett (from Diane Bennett)
Ron Bennett (from Diane Bennett)
Ulla Langer (from Diane Bennett)
Randy Hudson (from Diane Bennett)
Don Stark (from Meg McCauley)
Susan Schiffer (from Meg McCauley)
Rose Marie Vill (from Joy Donahoe)
Diane Mulligan (from Dennis & Mary F. Duggan)
Scott Barr (from Dennis & Mary F. Duggan)
Pat Guttormsen (from Dennis & Mary F. Duggan)
Steve Laccinole (from Dennis & Mary F. Duggan)
Emma Christensen (from CL Schlenker)
Richard Christensen (from CL Schlenker)
Calvin L. Downey (from Linda Downey)
Calvin R. Downey (from Linda Downey)
Eula Mae Downey (from Linda Downey)
Earl McAtee (from Linda Downey)
Lucy Tobin (from Nora Tobin)
Arthur Rott (from Nora Tobin)
Owen Austrheim (from Nora Tobin)
Santo LeTrent (from Pat Winters)
Doris LeTrent (from Pat Winters)
John LeTrent (from Pat Winters)
Jim Stegmiller (from Sue Stegmiller)
Art Terry (from Sue Stegmiller)
Nancy Dawson (from Sue Stegmiller)
Kevin Barnett (from Kathleen Barnett)
David King (from Scott Tobias)
Jason York (from Diana Kent)
Faye Scott (from Marceen Scott Bloom)
Don Davis (from Al Baker & Marianne Bratt)
Tom Watkins (from Marjo Grant)
Jesus & Enrique, Common Good Communication (from OHPCA)
Bergmann Design Studio (from OHPCA)
Moda Health (from OHPCA)
Bellevue Healthcare (from OHPCA)
WellSky (from OHPCA)
Community Tissue Services (from OHPCA)
Total Triage (from OHPCA)
OHPCA Education Planning Committee – Thank You! Caroline Jackson, Christina Jaramillo, Katie Leonis, Lisa McGowan (from OHPCA)
Providence Health & Services (from OHPCA)
Ashley Nayman (from OHPCA)
Mary Jane O’Rourke (from OHPCA)
Megan Lammers (from OHPCA)
Jan Ringholz (from Cynthia Cunningham)
Paul Ringholz (from Cynthia Cunningham)
Joe Ringholz (from Cynthia Cunningham)
Alan Weaver (from Susan Hay & Randie Reed)
Roxanne Rodgers (from Susan Hay & Randie Reed)
Martin Rahier (from Merry Reed)
Denny Brown (from Merry Reed)
Mr. & Mrs. R. Gibbs (from Lori Gibbs)
Josh Harris (from Lori Gibbs)
Dr. Bill Duncan (from Karin & Dave Grano)
Mary Chavez (from Barbara Robinson)
Phil Chavez (from Barbara Robinson)
Margaret Boe (from Barbara Robinson)
John Broer (from Jana Broer)
Randy Broer (from Jana Broer)
Terrance Eagle (from Beverly Eagle)
Jessie Phillips (from Bernice Phillips)
Don Arthur (from Bernice Phillips)
David Connolly (from Bernice Phillips)
Bob Strauss (from Bernice Phillips)
Loretta Williams (from Paul & Judy Champoux)
Tom Lovelace (from Jane Lovelace)
Stanley Keller (from Marjorie Bontje)
Helen Keller (from Marjorie Bontje)
Richard L. Black (from Judith Myrick)
Helen R. Black (from Judith Myrick)
R. Scott Black (from Judith Myrick)
Barbara Gilbert (from Libby Gilbert Horvath)
Gretchen Schaub Anderson (from Jennifer Anderson)
Robert V. Palmer (from Wendy Palmer)
Beth Bowie (from Patti Bowie)
Thomas G. Bowie (from Patti Bowie)
April Bowie (from Patti Bowie)
Robert A. Johnson (from Laura Johnson)
Lorraine M. Pace (from Laura Johnson)
DeAn Payne (from Laura Johnson)
Erin O’Leary (from George O’Leary)
Loretta O’Leary (from George O’Leary)
Reba McCandlish (from George O’Leary)
Barb Engelson (from James W. Smith)
Robert J. Miller (from Marge McCall)
Janice Gorman (from Tawnya Stevens)
Loyis VanScoy (from Tawnya Stevens)
Donna T. Liddell (from Fredrick Liddell)
Kimberly Storey (from Pat Storey)
Denny Storey (from Pat Storey)
Gene Brim (from Evona Brim)
Glenda Marchbanks (from Becky Kadrmas)